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HelloMy name is Jan Perry Esten and my Dad was a HAM for 65 continuous years and held licenses in foreign countries and the U.S.I have a couple of towers and a four element directional antenna. to get rid of. I would be glad to give them to someone who can use them. I live on Highway 24 between Divide and Florissant, mile marker 271.

J.P.310 662 3425 and text4569 W Highway 24Florissant Thanks.

American Legion

Hi guys,
Please post the following on the GGARC website.
“The American Legion Amateur Radio Club has approval from the Executive Board at the American Legion post to proceed with installing the antennas and ground system at the post, located at 3623 Jeannine Dr.  CS, CO.  We have scheduled Sept 10 at 10 AM and 14 at 12 PM to install the antennas and grounds.  The Post has it’s monthly general membership meeting in the morning of the 14th so we are unable to work during that time.  We can use help.  If you have some free time please come by the above address and help us get the first American Legion amateur radio club on the air in Colorado.”
My thanks to both of you and the GGARC for all your support.

Jim, W0EM

American Legion Amateur Radio Club Work Days

Please disseminate the following to GGARC members.  Some of the dates below are before the planned GGARC meeting on 9/9 so I am trying to get the information out before then.
The below information is tentative, but The American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC) officials wants to share it with all everyone.  We are looking for people to volunteer to help with installing antennas and associated hardware at the Post Building.  We hope to have more firm information as to dates by Sept 5, 2019.  An update will be provided as soon as the following information is firmed up.
We are in the process of obtaining permission from the Post EC Board to place a V/UHF and HF antenna on the roof on the post’s building.  We are hoping to have approval by Sept 5, 2019.  There could be unforeseen circumstances that prevents approval.  After approval, the club plans to have up to three work days to install antennas, run coax, wall penetrations and installing and connecting ground rods.
The three work days tentatively are Sept 7, 10 & 14, 2019, if we get approval by Sept 5.  Exact dates and times are not definite and will be announced once the plan has been approved.
When work starts we will need several physically capable people to help with the work including climbing on the roof of the post building (one story up and mostly flat).  If anyone would like to volunteer to help please email the club at or contact me at or by phone at 719-641-8477.
Don’t know if the above can be posted on the GGARC website or somehow sent out via email.  Your help in getting the word out any way possible would be greatly appreciated.
We have been in contact with Ray Urerecken and he has already provided valuable help in getting our planning done for the antennas and ground.

Thanks guys,