For Sale Harris#2

from Jim Harris #2

Mfg Model No Description Qty Price Comments

Other Equipment

Yeasu FT-727R Handheld HT 1 70.00 Manual 4 Ants 4 Batrys chgr

Alinco DJ-175 Handheld HT 1 50.00 2 Mtrs only Charger

Unidon BC125AT Scanner 1 90.00

Bell Ind C-514-T Low Pass Filter 1 30.00 Rolloff>28.3 Mhz

Heathkit HD-15 Phone Patch 1 15.00

Byonics 2 mtr Foxhunt HT Keyer 1 50.00

RF Concepts FRC 2-23 2 mtr FM/SSB AMP 2W in 30W Out 50.00

Heathkit CI-10450 Auto Strobe Light 1 10.00

MFJ MFJ 836H SWR Wattmeter/RF Ammmeter 110.00

ST-500 110V-220V Stepdown Xformer 25.00

8 Assorted Vacuum Tubes 15.00

6146B Vacuum Tubes(pair) 2 40.00

Tube Tester 1 5.00 Old Paper roll torn-as is

Total 560.00

Package Deal 500.00 See Notes

Notes for all sale items (both posts)

  1. Ask questions before purchasing. Know what you are buying
  2. Most larger items have boxes and manuals except Diamond Pwr Supply
  3. Prefer to sell as packages but will sell items separately.
  4. Prefer items to be picked up on site. Can deliver based on item and distance.
  5. Transceivers will only be sold to licensed amateur radio operators.
  6. Contact Jim Harris, WOEM ph:: 719-641-8477 Email Jim wOem @
  7. If you are interested in any item contact me and likely we can work out a deal.
  8. I will combine items and give a reduced price.
  9. All offers cheerfully considered.
  10. All items as is and where is.

For Sale Harris #1

from Jim Harris

Shack Equipment

Mfg Model No. Description QTY Price Comments

Kenwood TS-590s Transceiver 160-6 mtrs 1 750,00 New Price TS-590SG

Kenwood VGS-1 Voice Guide Storage 1 Price above includes VGS-1

Yeasu FT-1500M Transceiver 2 mtrs only 1 60.00 Mount small scratches

Ameritron ALS-500M AF Amplifier 160-10 mtrs 1 700.00 10mtr pcb 29.95 install

Ameritron ARI-500 Radio-Amp Remote Controll 1 70.00

MFJ MFJ-986 HF Ant Tuner 1 225.00 W/crank not knob

Diamond GZV4000 40 AMP power supply 1 130.00

Bencher RJ-1 Straight Key 1 60.00

MFJ MFJ-906 6 Mtr Ant Tuner 1 75.00

MFJ MFJ-1702C 2 Position coax switch 4 150.00 new 39.95 ea

Alpha Delta 2 Position coax switch 2 80.00

Alpha Delta 2 Position Coax switch 1 80.00

Ameritron ABR-704 AMP Key Relay 1 40.00

Top-Ten ABSS Electric 2 Coax Switch 1 60.00

Top-Ten ABSS Electric 2 Coax Switch 1 60.00

SoftRock Ensemble11 SDR Receiver 1 70.00

MFJ MFJ-1263 Microphone/Radio Switch 1 75. 00

Heathkit Cantena Dummy Load 1 60.00 Quoted MFJ

MFJ MFJ-250C Cantena Dummy Load 1 60.00 w/Mineral Oil

MFJ MFJ-260 Dummy Load Dry 1 25.00

Vectronics DL-300M Dummy Load Dry 1 30.00

Heil FS-2 Foot Switch 1 30.00

Myself 10 minute timer 1 10.00

KK7UQ PSK IMD Monitor 1 80.00 not available comm

Diamond SX-400 SWR PWR 140-525 Mhz max 200W-1 80.00

Myself Coax stub pass 80 mtrs 1 30.00

Myself Coax stub pass 20/1 mtrs 1 30.00

Myself Coax Stub pass 40/15 mtrs 1 30.00

Myself Coax Stub pass 160 mtrs 1 30.00

West Mtn 4008 RigRunner13.8VDC PwrPolePanel-1 90.00 Eachconnectorfuse

Heil GM-4 Microphone w/narrow-wide &PTT 1 75.00 includes cable

Heil PL-2T Mic Boom 1 90.00

Myself Switch for Coax switch 1 10.00

Assorted coax/connectors 75.00

Total 3520.00

Package Deal 3000.00

see notes on next post

GGRC Luncheon

The next  Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club luncheon will be held on Monday, March 4 at Fargo’s Pizza.  The  program will be on  Repeater Control Systems  by Don Fraser.  

The program begins around 11:30 A.M.  in the lower back party room.
Dave, K0IRP and Don, KI0IS

GGARC Luncheon

The next Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club luncheon will be held on Monday, February 4th at Fargo’s Pizza. The presentation by Don, W9WWS will begin a little after 11:30 A.M.

Dave, K0IRP and Don, KI0IS

Joe Quintana, N0ENM Silent Key

Joe Quintana – N0ENM, well known to the Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club group, passed away on August 29th at 7:30 P.M. Services will be on Friday, September 14 at 10:00 A.M. at Mt Calvary Lutheran Church, 1318 N. Circle Drive.

Kevin on Quadcopters

Thanks everyone for the opportunity to share my quadcopters with you last week.

Most of my links are from Amazon, they have competitive pricing, deliver to your house, and have a great return policy

I HIGHLY recommend buying one of the small Hubsans FIRST, learn to actually fly before investing hundreds of dollars in a higher end quad

From smallest to largest (and typically lowest to highest in capabilities) are as follows: Continue reading

QRPWorks Presentation 8-1-2016

Shel KF0UR gave us a very informative discussion of QRP Portable. Here are links from his presentation.
Find QRPWorks at
Find the batteries at
Find the KX3 at

Here is a message from Shel:

From: “Shel KF0UR” <>
To: “DAVID L GIVAN” <>, “Don Yowell KI0IS” <>
Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2016 3:26:35 PM
Subject: RE: August Garden of the Gods A.R.C. luncheon

Hi David, Don,

Thanks for inviting me to present at last Monday’s meeting. It was good to see some old friends and meet some new ones. Here are the Web links I promised:

  • My QRPworks products:
  • Bioenno Power batteries:

Since I’m local, there are no shipping charges for our QRPworks products. The Web Store automatically adds it, but I’ll refund them.

Tnx & 73,
Shel KF0UR

Noise From Grow light Ballasts

Noise From Grow light Ballasts

In the last few years we are seeing more Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) caused by grow light ballasts.

Two years ago a fellow Amateur Radio operator had a grow light operation move into his neighborhood. The grow light ballast caused RFI that covered the entire HF Band and was 40db/S9 on 40 meters.

Talking to the grower was futile and the problem continued. Mike Gruber with the Amateur Radio Relay League offered his assistance and contacted the FCC on behalf of the Amateur Radio operator. After the grower received a second letter from the FCC, the grower moved his growing operation to another neighborhood. The process took almost a year to accomplish.

Since then a Marijuana Task Force has been created. Colorado Springs City Councilman Larry Bagley is the lead. Councilman Bagley is interested in hearing about your RFI issues in the Amateur Radio community.

If you are currently having or have had in the past, RFI issues caused by grow light ballasts please email Councilman Bagley with the details. His information is:

Councilman Larry Bagley
Marijuana Task Force

GGARC Support of Colorado Springs Labor Day Balloon Festival

“Splash” over Prospect Lake, Colorado Springs, CO

For the past several years, the Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club’s (GGARC) repeater hosted over 20 local and out of state hams in their use of the repeater for hot air ballooning communications. Two to four balloons, their pilots and crews migrate from Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico to Colorado Springs to participate in the annual Colorado Springs Labor Day Balloon Festival. The festival hosts over 60 balloons coming in from all over our country.

Pilots and crews use the GGARCs repeater to communicate with each other in “The Chase”. Navigating a myriad of streets in the Colorado Springs and surround area can prove to be difficult for out-of-towners in their quest to safely recover their pilots, passengers and hot air balloons. Three years ago, the “Splash” balloon drifted towards downtown and was unable to find a safe location to land amid the trees and power lines. Running low on fuel, the pilot was able to communicate with the chase crew on the repeater in order to secure and safely land atop the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Our local club members and area hams enjoy hearing other hams and their adventures every Labor Day balloon festival. The Splash pilot (KC5IPK) took GGARC member Ron Goldsberry’s (WB0BLO) granddaughter Courtney on a balloon ride a couple years ago. It’s really comforting to know the GGARCs repeater was there to aid in their communication needs. We hope our club is able to provide this invaluable service to our ham radio ballooning friends for years to come.

Gerry Dunn (NM0Q)