September Meeting

The next Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club luncheon will be held on September 9 due to the  Labor Day holiday on September 2.  
Kevin, K0BBA will be presenting a YouTube program at the September 9 meeting covering antenna tuner theory.
Don, WA9WWS will present a program on electrically short antennas at some future meeting but NOT at the October meeting, as originally scheduled.
Dave, K0IRP will not be at the September meeting due to family medical issues.    We will arrange for a guest host for this meeting.  Any volunteers?
Additionally, OEM Electronics is going out of business and is selling most of their inventory by the pound.  Their scheduled closing date is mid September.  IF there is anything in their inventory that any of the group desires, it would be a good idea to get over their sooner rather than later.

Kevin, K0BBA  will be our guest host for the September 9 Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club luncheon.

Breakfast August 5

The next Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club luncheon will be held on August 5, 2019 at Fargo’s Pizza, 2910 E Platte Ave.   The meeting starts around 11:30 A.M. in the downstairs back party room.

The program this month will be presented by Don, N6JRL and will highlight the Youth DX Adventure group’s trip to Curacao (station call PJ2T).

Estate Sale

Prices are approximate values – best offers considered. Contact Ron WB0WLO ( or Don KI0IS (

Icom IC 2300 H 2 mtr transceiver – $175.00.

Icom IC 215 2 mtr transceiver – $100.00

Icom IC 751 A HF transceiver – $450.00 – $500.00.

Icom IC 706 MkIIG HF transceiver – $575.00.

Icom AH-4 Automatic antenna tuner – $200.00.

Alnco DJ 191 2 Mtr HT transceiver – $155.00

National NC 98 HF receiver – $100.00.

LDG AT1000 Auto tuner – $375.00.

SGC SG-237 HF VHF Smart tuner – $250.00.

Leader LAC-895 Antenna coupler – $175.00.

Astron 12 Amp Power Supply – $70.00.

Astron 35 Amp Power Supply – $250.00.

Fluke 77 Multimrter – $65.00

Phillips EGC Multimrter – $20.00

Simpson 463 Pwr Meter – $20.00

Daiwa SWR / Pwr Meter – $20.00

Qty 3 Swan SWR / PWR Meter – $10.00

Radio Shack HTA-20 2 Mtr Amplifier – $50.00

GE 8 Charger Battery charger

MFJ Code Reader – $200.00.

Antennas, Speakers and misc. cables – $ market value

GGARC July Lunch

We have decided to move the July Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club luncheon from July 8 back to July 1, the first Monday of July.  We apologize for this short notice change.
As is normal, we will hold the luncheon at Fargo’s Pizza, 2910 E. Platte Avenue in the back, lower level party room beginning at 11:30 A.M. on July 1.

We do not currently have a program scheduled for this luncheon.
Thanks! and hope to see lots of you folks there!
Dave, K0IRP and Don, KI0IS

Silent Keys

Don T Billings,   W0GOH.   Services on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. , First United Methodist Church, 420 N. Nevada Ave
Don Gutknecht,   W0DWU.    Viewing, May 30, 2019 at Swan-Law at 4:00 P.M.   Services, May 31 at 10:00 the Unitarian Church, West Pikes Peak Avenue and 30th St.

Emergency Communications Demonstration

\Do you have a communications plan if cell phone service is out? Learn about ham radio use in an emergency, and meet members of the El Paso County Special Communications team as they demonstrate a variety of alternative communications technology. At the Wildland Fire and Emergency Preparedness Information Day, Saturday, May 25th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Palmer Lake Town Hall. 42 Valley Crescent Street. Fire Station Open House next door, same hours.

April 1 Luncheon

The April Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club luncheon will be held next Monday, April 1 at Fargo’s Pizza, 2910 E. Platte Avenue at 11:30 A.M.  Kevin will be presenting his program on erecting the army tent poles for antenna use. 
There will be some updates on the GGARC repeaters at this luncheon, too.

Dave, K0IRP and Don, KI0IS

For Sale Harris#2

from Jim Harris #2

Mfg Model No Description Qty Price Comments

Other Equipment

Yeasu FT-727R Handheld HT 1 70.00 Manual 4 Ants 4 Batrys chgr

Alinco DJ-175 Handheld HT 1 50.00 2 Mtrs only Charger

Unidon BC125AT Scanner 1 90.00

Bell Ind C-514-T Low Pass Filter 1 30.00 Rolloff>28.3 Mhz

Heathkit HD-15 Phone Patch 1 15.00

Byonics 2 mtr Foxhunt HT Keyer 1 50.00

RF Concepts FRC 2-23 2 mtr FM/SSB AMP 2W in 30W Out 50.00

Heathkit CI-10450 Auto Strobe Light 1 10.00

MFJ MFJ 836H SWR Wattmeter/RF Ammmeter 110.00

ST-500 110V-220V Stepdown Xformer 25.00

8 Assorted Vacuum Tubes 15.00

6146B Vacuum Tubes(pair) 2 40.00

Tube Tester 1 5.00 Old Paper roll torn-as is

Total 560.00

Package Deal 500.00 See Notes

Notes for all sale items (both posts)

  1. Ask questions before purchasing. Know what you are buying
  2. Most larger items have boxes and manuals except Diamond Pwr Supply
  3. Prefer to sell as packages but will sell items separately.
  4. Prefer items to be picked up on site. Can deliver based on item and distance.
  5. Transceivers will only be sold to licensed amateur radio operators.
  6. Contact Jim Harris, WOEM ph:: 719-641-8477 Email Jim wOem @
  7. If you are interested in any item contact me and likely we can work out a deal.
  8. I will combine items and give a reduced price.
  9. All offers cheerfully considered.
  10. All items as is and where is.

For Sale Harris #1

from Jim Harris

Shack Equipment

Mfg Model No. Description QTY Price Comments

Kenwood TS-590s Transceiver 160-6 mtrs 1 750,00 New Price TS-590SG

Kenwood VGS-1 Voice Guide Storage 1 Price above includes VGS-1

Yeasu FT-1500M Transceiver 2 mtrs only 1 60.00 Mount small scratches

Ameritron ALS-500M AF Amplifier 160-10 mtrs 1 700.00 10mtr pcb 29.95 install

Ameritron ARI-500 Radio-Amp Remote Controll 1 70.00

MFJ MFJ-986 HF Ant Tuner 1 225.00 W/crank not knob

Diamond GZV4000 40 AMP power supply 1 130.00

Bencher RJ-1 Straight Key 1 60.00

MFJ MFJ-906 6 Mtr Ant Tuner 1 75.00

MFJ MFJ-1702C 2 Position coax switch 4 150.00 new 39.95 ea

Alpha Delta 2 Position coax switch 2 80.00

Alpha Delta 2 Position Coax switch 1 80.00

Ameritron ABR-704 AMP Key Relay 1 40.00

Top-Ten ABSS Electric 2 Coax Switch 1 60.00

Top-Ten ABSS Electric 2 Coax Switch 1 60.00

SoftRock Ensemble11 SDR Receiver 1 70.00

MFJ MFJ-1263 Microphone/Radio Switch 1 75. 00

Heathkit Cantena Dummy Load 1 60.00 Quoted MFJ

MFJ MFJ-250C Cantena Dummy Load 1 60.00 w/Mineral Oil

MFJ MFJ-260 Dummy Load Dry 1 25.00

Vectronics DL-300M Dummy Load Dry 1 30.00

Heil FS-2 Foot Switch 1 30.00

Myself 10 minute timer 1 10.00

KK7UQ PSK IMD Monitor 1 80.00 not available comm

Diamond SX-400 SWR PWR 140-525 Mhz max 200W-1 80.00

Myself Coax stub pass 80 mtrs 1 30.00

Myself Coax stub pass 20/1 mtrs 1 30.00

Myself Coax Stub pass 40/15 mtrs 1 30.00

Myself Coax Stub pass 160 mtrs 1 30.00

West Mtn 4008 RigRunner13.8VDC PwrPolePanel-1 90.00 Eachconnectorfuse

Heil GM-4 Microphone w/narrow-wide &PTT 1 75.00 includes cable

Heil PL-2T Mic Boom 1 90.00

Myself Switch for Coax switch 1 10.00

Assorted coax/connectors 75.00

Total 3520.00

Package Deal 3000.00

see notes on next post

GGRC Luncheon

The next  Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club luncheon will be held on Monday, March 4 at Fargo’s Pizza.  The  program will be on  Repeater Control Systems  by Don Fraser.  

The program begins around 11:30 A.M.  in the lower back party room.
Dave, K0IRP and Don, KI0IS