May 2024 Meeting

For May 2024 we had Dr Paul Wilkinson, K6IG, present on “Ham Radio Use of Arduino and Raspberry Pi.” Dr Paul enlightened us on how to put these devices to work for our hobby.

We also learned that a Raspberry Pi has more computing power than the supercomputers of the 70s and 80s. Thank you Dr Paul for an informative and entertaining briefing.

Dr Paul’s presentation can be downloaded here (Google) and here (Apple).

“In 1978, the Cray 1 supercomputer cost $7 Million, weighed 10,500 pounds and had a 115 kilowatt power supply. It was, by far, the fastest computer in the world. The Raspberry Pi costs around $70 (CPU board, case, power supply, SD card), weighs a few ounces, uses a 5 watt power supply and is more than 4.5 times faster than the Cray 1.” Reference: