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Kevin on Quadcopters

Thanks everyone for the opportunity to share my quadcopters with you last week.

Most of my links are from Amazon, they have competitive pricing, deliver to your house, and have a great return policy

I HIGHLY recommend buying one of the small Hubsans FIRST, learn to actually fly before investing hundreds of dollars in a higher end quad

From smallest to largest (and typically lowest to highest in capabilities) are as follows: Continue reading

QRPWorks Presentation 8-1-2016

Shel KF0UR gave us a very informative discussion of QRP Portable. Here are links from his presentation.
Find QRPWorks at
Find the batteries at
Find the KX3 at

Here is a message from Shel:

From: “Shel KF0UR” <>
To: “DAVID L GIVAN” <>, “Don Yowell KI0IS” <>
Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2016 3:26:35 PM
Subject: RE: August Garden of the Gods A.R.C. luncheon

Hi David, Don,

Thanks for inviting me to present at last Monday’s meeting. It was good to see some old friends and meet some new ones. Here are the Web links I promised:

  • My QRPworks products:
  • Bioenno Power batteries:

Since I’m local, there are no shipping charges for our QRPworks products. The Web Store automatically adds it, but I’ll refund them.

Tnx & 73,
Shel KF0UR

The 3D Printing Store

This really is a case of “If you can sketch it, they can print it.”

Joe Weisenbach demonstrated as much at our monthly meeting today. At The 3D Printing Store, they can turn your rough sketches into solid reality. They can produce fabrication-ready drawings from your sketches, make your engineering drawings fabrication-ready, or simply print your fabrication-ready drawings for you. You pay by the hour for design and printer time.

It’s an inexpensive way to prototype, or to replace discontinued parts. Joe invites you to drop by and see for yourself what’s possible.

The 3d Printing Store opened in Denver, Colorado in November, 2012 and recently opened one here in Colorado Springs at 4250 Buckingham Dr, Ste 100, 80907. Call his cell phone at 351-2329 or call him at the shop at 262-2451.

AC0NK’s DIY Pointers to ARRL Content

Bill AC0NK provides these two pointers for DIY enthusiasts, both sources to very fine ARRL content.

This first is about the Dayton HAM Festival in Dayton, OH. If you’ve never been there, you are missing something nothing short of mind boggling.

This second is a link to ARRL’s DIY page, where you’ll find articles, ideas, and pointers to pique the interests of anyone young or old: The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio