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Noise From Grow light Ballasts

Noise From Grow light Ballasts

In the last few years we are seeing more Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) caused by grow light ballasts.

Two years ago a fellow Amateur Radio operator had a grow light operation move into his neighborhood. The grow light ballast caused RFI that covered the entire HF Band and was 40db/S9 on 40 meters.

Talking to the grower was futile and the problem continued. Mike Gruber with the Amateur Radio Relay League offered his assistance and contacted the FCC on behalf of the Amateur Radio operator. After the grower received a second letter from the FCC, the grower moved his growing operation to another neighborhood. The process took almost a year to accomplish.

Since then a Marijuana Task Force has been created. Colorado Springs City Councilman Larry Bagley is the lead. Councilman Bagley is interested in hearing about your RFI issues in the Amateur Radio community.

If you are currently having or have had in the past, RFI issues caused by grow light ballasts please email Councilman Bagley with the details. His information is:

Councilman Larry Bagley
Marijuana Task Force