EchoLink on GGARC 447.35 (-) 151.4

During last week’s net neither Mike KE0BIQ nor I were able to check into the weekly Hammin Sams net via EchoLink. We could hear what was going on, but could not get the node to respond to our requests to transmit. Well after some investigation, I found and fixed a couple of issues. But all of you using the Smart Phone app should check your settings after installing the recent update to the app. In mine it meant changing the source from SPEAKER to HANDSET/HEADSET and increasing the ‘mic’ gain. While this helps, it’s not a fix as the audio via the internet is still much lower and more distorted than it used to be.

So while I continue to investigate why the levels changed; I’ve left the node online. Note I linked the node to both test reflectors and using my HT that audio path did not change so the low/distorted audio is only heard on the repeater when using a smartphone.


KØHSC Hammin’ Sams RV net Thursday June 11th
GGARC repeater: 447.350, Offset – minus 5MHz. PL 151.4