Kevin on Quadcopters

Thanks everyone for the opportunity to share my quadcopters with you last week.

Most of my links are from Amazon, they have competitive pricing, deliver to your house, and have a great return policy

I HIGHLY recommend buying one of the small Hubsans FIRST, learn to actually fly before investing hundreds of dollars in a higher end quad

From smallest to largest (and typically lowest to highest in capabilities) are as follows:

  • Hubsan x4, $25.74 the smallest and absolutely recommended as a starting point, you can fly it indoors:

(This ad shows one image with a camera feed to a cell phone, this model does not have that)

Be sure to get extra batteries, extra props, and a prop guard….

  • Here is the Syma X5C-1 that includes a camera, although the camera is NOT realtime, it simply records whatever it sees during your flight

This is the Eachine racing quad, includes the quad and transmitter, but you would need the FPV goggles listed below

  • Fatshark FPV goggles for racing, to be used ONLY with the Eachine system above:

When you get to the more advanced line of quads, the company that has pretty much taken over the market is DJI, they offer a variety of both size and capabilities, but here are a few:

  • DJI spark $399, small, easy to use and can be used with your phone as the controller right out of the box:

The DJI Mavic is a great line, easy to fly, and several options:

  • The Mavic Air $799 is full featured and can get amazing shots
  • The DJI Mavic Pro $999 is what I flew out in the parking lot and is an amazing machine;

Incidentally the Mavic Pro is on sale at Sam’s club right now for $999, you can go home and be flying in a couple of hours.

Be sure to run some searches on Youtube and watch some unboxing videos on these guys before you decide which one to buy!


Kevin Polk, K0BBA