EchoLink and IRLP Repeater Remote Access with a Raspberry Pi — Presentation

We have another interesting presentation lined up for our April 7th meeting. Don Fraser WA9WWS will show us how an inexpensive Raspberry Pi based node supporting either or both protocols, EchoLink and IRLP, can enable Hammin Sams members to remotely access the Hammin Sams net. This way, members could participate in their Hammin Sams net activities while out of town.

Greg Cook, you will remember, described Raspberry Pi configurations at our meeting last month. You can locate reference material about that presentation in the Technical Interest category on this site (see sidebar at right).

This time he focuses on a need that Hammin Sams members have expressed on net. Applicability is not limited to Hammin Sams nets, though, making this a must attend event for anyone curious about practical use of these protocols or about Raspberry Pi applications.

See you there!