The 3D Printing Store

This really is a case of “If you can sketch it, they can print it.”

Joe Weisenbach demonstrated as much at our monthly meeting today. At The 3D Printing Store, they can turn your rough sketches into solid reality. They can produce fabrication-ready drawings from your sketches, make your engineering drawings fabrication-ready, or simply print your fabrication-ready drawings for you. You pay by the hour for design and printer time.

It’s an inexpensive way to prototype, or to replace discontinued parts. Joe invites you to drop by and see for yourself what’s possible.

The 3d Printing Store opened in Denver, Colorado in November, 2012 and recently opened one here in Colorado Springs at 4250 Buckingham Dr, Ste 100, 80907. Call his cell phone at 351-2329 or call him at the shop at 262-2451.